Budget Biking Helmet Review Roundup

Your biking helmet can be your accessory as well as your armor! Here are the best budget helmets available today, as well as our pick for the best bike helmet under $100.

Smith Optics Signal MIPS Men’s Cycling Helmet (best budget hi-tech safety system)

SMITH Signal Cycling Helmet – Adult Road Bike Helmet with MIPS Technology – for Men & Women


Safety– MIPS linear system; Koroyd’s engineered safety system reduces energy of impact by quite a few degrees
Fit– Smith’s in-house VaporFit fitting system
Features– Smith’s custom – made AirEvac ventilation system featuring Koroyd open-channel system allowing cooler air in, while venting hotter air
– Integrated eyewear storage

The Smith Optics Signal is one of those helmets that shines above its “budget” class. It’s a great everyday bike helmet, available in a range of 6 colors ranging from ‘Cloudgrey’ to ‘Neon Yellow’, ‘Pool’ blue and ‘Rise’ red!

We love the in-house developed Koroyd safety and fit feature – surprisingly hi-tech for this price. Coming from an optics brand, the integrated eyewear storage feature may not surprise, but it is still a pretty cool feature.

More love for the genre-fluid performance of this helmet, reportedly holding on well for both on-and-off-road adventures.

On the down-side the Signal isn’t the lightest bike helmet at around 300 grams, and it may not be the most stylish-looking, but this doesn’t seem to affect performance, so we’re not complaining!

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Demon Podium Full Face Bike Helmet

Demon United Podium Full Face Helmet Black/Green Lrg


Safety– low-profile full-face protection
Fit– EPS foam liner that molds to your head for perfect fit
Features– Fully ventilated with 13 airflow vents
– Adjustable removable visor
– Extra-light super-feature: weighs only 2 pounds (easy on the neck as well)

If you are looking for hard-core and versatile, the Demon Podium is a bad-boy helmet designed for you. For any adventure ranging from mountain biking to riding dirt-trails, or even skate-boarding, the Demon Podium full-face protection system will keep you and your noggin snug and protected throughout.

This helmet is surprisingly light-weight, in spite of the extra face-protection feature. At only 2 pounds this protection lid is also easy on the neck.

The excellent build and quality give you the confidence you need on the rough trail. You ride in style with a range of 9 striking color-combos to choose from.

13 strategically placed vents provide relief from the oven-baking or freeze-drying effect of a day on the trails in the hot sun or the cooler climes. The clever use of the vents at the mouth mean that you can communicate with the helmet on, and also serve as extra venting.

Kask Rapido Road Cycling Helmet

Kask Rapido Road Cycling Helmet


Safety– made to conform to EN 1078, CPSC 1203, AS/NZS 2063 certifications
Fit– Retention system pivots to allow for up and down adjustment, along with an adjustment dial behind the head to adjust the tension around the head
Features– 24 large vents to keep you cool for long
– Lightweight at 224 grams

The Kask Rapido is for you if you are looking for something that is for entry-level training or competition use.

True to form this Italian-made budget head-shield is aerodynamic, and lightweight at just 224 grams. It features 24 large vents which ensure in-helmet cooling during the longer rides.

At a lower spec than the Kask Mojito and similar helmets, the retention system on the Rapido is a little clunky at first sight, but doesn’t really affect performance. The only problem is it might interfere with protective eye-wear.

The replacement feature on the Kask brand ensures you get 50% off on a replacement, in case you damage your purchase in an accident.

BELL Formula MIPS Adult Road Bike Helmet

BELL Formula MIPS Adult Road Bike Helmet


Safety– MIPS equipped helmet
Fit– Float Fit Retention System
Features– Sweat guide liner
– 19 vents for air-flow
– No-twist tri-glide quick adjust fasteners

Bell’s Formula bike helmet follows in the 5-star tradition of its counterpart models, but keeps the bank intact with the lower budget.

The MIPS feature is a great plus point at this price. The sweat guide liner pad pulls and guides moisture away from the brow pad and any eyewear you may be sporting for your ride. 19 well-placed vents air your noggin on those long rides in sunny weather.

The Formula is a winner for its ultra-specific fitting system – the Float Fit retention system that outperforms all the competition by quite a few miles. The helmet reaches way back and provides extended coverage for the back of the head. 

Giro Fixture Adult Recreational Cycling Helmet (TOP PICK!!)

Giro Fixture Adult Recreational Cycling Helmet


Safety– Market-leading protection system
Fit– Universal fit sizing featuring Roc Loc Sport fit system
Features– 18 ventilation vents
– Designed for the dirt bike, but versatile for any ride

If you’ve spent any amount of time researching budget bike helmets, you will definitely have come across the name Giro, at least a few times! And no wonder – Giro manufactures some of the best biker’s head-protectors in the industry!

With the Giro Fixture, they’ve used all of their vast experience to create a masterpiece on a budget. The mountain biker’s helmet features top-of-the-industry protection system, including MIPS, and a universal fit sizing feature called the Roc Loc Sport fit system. While it may be a little difficult to perform the adjustment when the helmet is on, it stays put and fits snug once it has been accomplished.

The 18 sizable vents perform well on the ride and we love the range of colors this helmet is offered in.

If you were really looking for flaws, you might gripe about the fixed visor, though the placement is perfect and it doesn’t impede your vision. The straps are also not adjustable, but this adds to the snug-fit feature and we don’t think this is a flaw.

In a nutshell, the Giro Fixture offers impressive looks and performance on a budget.

PHZ. Adult Bike Helmet

PHZ. Adult Bike Helmet Bicycle Helmet with Light for Men Women Mountain Road Skateboard with Extra Replacement Detachable Visor & Inner Pads Safety Certified


Safety– made of tough, durable PVC and PC, fitted with high density EPS foam which helps absorb impact; reflective straps for high visibility
Fit– 360-degree adjustable rotary internal rotator for perfect fit
Features– Removable sun-visor
– Detachable liner and insect net
– 23 large vents for ventilation
– Portable bag for easy storage
– Rechargeable rear light
– Low budget

You may not have heard of this brand before, but we loved some of the versatile features PHZ incorporated in this budget biking helmet. Some of their goodies include a detachable liner and insect net, removable sun-visor, and (my favorite) a portable bag for easy storage.

Quality and safety are prime features, enhanced by reflective straps and a rechargeable rear light for higher visibility. 23 vents provide ample breathing-space.

Even with all these features, the PHZ may not be your best pick for long-distance or off-road riding. The unusual shell-shape reduces the versatility of the helmet and creates unwanted pressure points on the inside. It also means that due to the shape, this helmet is not a full-coverage product.

On the other hand, the PHZ comes in 5 different colors and is a sight to behold! At this price, and with the kind of features it brings together, get this biking helmet if you are a casual rider, or someone taking short rides daily.

Thousand Adult Bike Helmet – Heritage Collection (best looking, feature-rich)

Thousand Heritage Helmet


Safety– free accident-replacement guarantee
Fit– choose your size and use the Dial Fit system for a perfect fit
Features– Great customer service
– Hidden pop-lock feature – anti-theft guarantee
– Magnetic buckle
– Vegan straps

Thousand is a newbie in town, but boy, have they exploded!

Inspired by the vintage helmet look, these helmets are clean and minimalist in design, but feature gorgeous colors! They are a perfect Gen Z biking head-protector, and their many features reflect it!

Among other things, the Thousand features a Dial-fit system to get you the perfect fit, a snazzy hidden pop-lock feature to prevent theft, magnetic buckles for single-hand removal, and even vegan straps for the perfect fit.

But the greatest feature they revel in is their unrivalled customer-care and response. It comes with a free replacement on helmets that are damaged in an accident, helmet-sizing help, and quick, efficient and friendly returns/replacements/woe-redressing.

Have we mentioned the gorgeous colors they are available in?

This is a great helmet for the city rider or skateboarder out on the town on their set of wheels!

Where do you stand on the ‘helmets for always’ debate? Are helmets essential every time you go out for a ride?

Some say that risk of head injuries reduces by 70% when bikers wear helmets – that should be enough argument for wearing helmets, always.

On the other side, helmets are mandatory only on certain types of biking exercises like mountain biking or adventure biking. The actual risk on the road-biking trip is the lack of properly bifurcated roads for bikers and motorists.

What do you think?


All of the products featured on our list of best helmets under $100 are terrific options! Depending on what you’re looking for, we’ve tried to include a ‘best of’ from each biking category, so you might find your own favs here. But for us, the Giro Fixture budget biking helmet comes out as our top pick for its versatility and value for money. The Thousand Heritage biking helmet comes in next and we’ll be closely following this exciting new brand on the market as it grows and develops.


Here are our top 5 tips for choosing the best budget helmet for you:

  1. Start with size.

Measuring your head around its widest part should be your first step on your helmet-shopping venture. A helmet’s fit is one of its main features and will determine whether or not you will wear the piece, as well as how safe the helmet can keep you.

An ill-fitted helmet is the same as a head without a helmet!

  1. Consider shape if you’ve had large-head or small-noggin problems with your caps or other head-gear.

Helmets come in all shapes. Determining the widest and narrowest parts of your head could help you figure out what shape you should get.

  1. Look for extras to stretch your buck a little further.

Helmets like the Thousand and PHZ offer quite a few trinkets for a budget price. Take advantage as much as possible when you can stretch your dollar a little further!

  1. Look for versatile designs.

Type-specific helmets may be important for serious, competitive, or professional riders. But on the whole, we recommend that you choose a head-lid that can be genre-fluid and do more.

  1. Read the reviews.

Finally, do your research! Reading up on bike helmets and reviews from users and professionals will have you better equipped to choose wisely.


We hope you enjoyed our review of the best bike helmet under $100, and our round-up of great options for alternatives! The world of biking helmets is becoming an exciting place where quirky, explorative brands like Thousand helmets are showing up. Innovation, imagination and style are coming together and redefining helmet-fashion, and we are loving every minute of it!


Ques 1 What is the best affordable bike helmet?

Ans. We’ve rounded up quite a few of the most affordable bike helmets available today. You don’t have to compromise on safety, fit or style when you go low-budget with these options.

Ques 2 Are cheap cycle helmets any good?

Ans. This is a very good question. People tend to fear that lowering their budget might have them compromising on quality of product and safety. This could not be further from the truth. Our selection of the 7 best bike helmets under $100 will give you options that combine high-level safety with superior performance and stylish features.

Ques 3 What is the best bicycle helmet for the money?

Ans. All of the bikes featured on this list provide great value for money, particularly the Thousand Helmet and the PHZ!

Ques 4 What is the best cheap helmet?

Ans. PHZ Adult Biking Helmet comes in at just $36 on amazon.com, and combines some very good features for a bike helmet at this price point.

Ques 5 What is the most comfortable bike helmet?

Ans. The Smith Optics Signal helmet provides great comfort and fit due to its Koroyd technology, though most of the other picks also perform very well in this feature.