Is the Roadmaster 700c Adventures the perfect bike for you? How in the world do you filter out your perfect hybrid bike? Should you consider a different bike style? As a beginner the nitty-gritty details of buying a bike may confuse you the first time. This Roadmaster 700c Adventure’s review will give you the complete picture about this hybrid bike and explain how it is a practical choice for most beginners on a low budget.

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This Roadmaster 700c Adventure’s review has found that this is a skeletal bike when you compare it to what is available on the market today. It is the bare minimum of a hybrid bike and that is why it is great for a beginner. Check out a few of its specs below:  


PRICE:$200 (on sale)
FRAME:Steel (multi-sport) frame
SUSPENSION:Front Suspension
GEARS:Twist Shifters
BREAK STYLE:Front and Rear Linear-Pull;
WHEEL SIZE:700 c (alloy wheels)


What this bike is This is a hybrid bike for men and women, meaning that you have the best of the trail and road styles hashed together for a great multi-sport experience. Use it as an everyday commuter bike, a stylish urban ride, a light trail bike, or a light fitness bicycle.   What it is not The Roadmaster Adventures is a greatly versatile bike until it comes to hardcore off-road trails and other rough terrain. This is not a mountain bike to any degree.   

The Roadmaster Adventures bike was meant to be two things: “attractive and practical”. ‘Practical’ is a very appealing feature in a beginner’s bike, and when you throw in good looks, you’ve got a winner!

As a hybrid bike it combines the best features of two bike styles: the trail bike and the road bike. This makes it highly versatile – another brownie point for the 700c Adventures! You could take it out as an everyday commuter bike, finish your fitness laps on it, or even take it out on very light off-road trails.

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Frame: The steel frame on the 700c Roadmaster Adventures men’s and women’s bike puts it into a multi-sport performance category. This is a heavy material for a bike, but it keeps you grounded when you’re on the move and instills confidence when you’re a beginner. This choice of material makes the bike strong, durable, and agile.

Wheel Size: The Roadmaster Adventures is a typical hybrid bike with its 700c alloy wheels. This is the most common wheel-size found on hybrid bikes. The choice of alloy wheels instead of steel reduces the overall weight of the product – good news again for the beginner!

Suspension: You get typical front suspension on this bike – great for the urban rider who will need a smooth ride over rough streets and similar tracks.

Gears: without going into too many confusing details, this bike comes with twist-shifter gears, and wide gear range. With this feature, you’ll be able to transition smoothly between gears according to change in the riding terrain.

Brakes: the front and rear caliper brakes are simple, dependable and sleek. Though hydraulic brakes have their own advantages, these rim brakes give you great stopping power in general and are handy for traffic-heavy routes. These may not be ultra-effective on slick or muddy terrain, so it’ll be wise to steer clear of using the bike in such terrain, or weather.  

PRO TIP:   Buying what is called a ‘skeletal bike’ is useful on more than one level: you start out with a no-fuss-and-whistles bike to concentrate on getting your form right and then have the option of upgrading different elements on the bike once you save up a little and are ready to polish things up a bit! Win-win!    

This bike comes in two models:

700c Roadmaster Adventures Men’s Hybrid Bike

This men’s bike features both the multi-sport steel frame and the 700c alloy wheels in a darkish blue frame color. It has a 7-speed twist-shifter gear system, giving you quick versatility power as the scenery around you changes. The men’s Adventures weighs in around 30 pounds.

700c Roadmaster Adventures Women’s Hybrid Bike

In the women’s category you will find the frame in a brighter blue shade and a few differing specs from the men’s version. It is listed as a 16-inch frame (S size) with 18-speed twist shifter gears, weighing a whopping 35 pounds according to product specs. This higher weight might work against the bike in being a little too heavy, especially when you’re a beginner.

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The 700c Roadmaster Adventures men’s and women’s hybrid is the most basic of bikes. It costs a pittance compared to other more popular brands on the market. If you aren’t too sure about what kind of bike would be a good fit, buying a low-budget bike will be a good place to start, provided you get the full package shipped to you safely.

The bike performs at a pretty standard level once it is assembled and the rider is fitted out for size and height correctly.

Beware that damages during shipping are not uncommon, and professional help is always a safe bet when assembling a bike. 

Durability and strength are major plusses because of the sturdy steel frame, but the frame also doubles as a negative because of its massive weight.

Wheel size and material are also green checks for the Adventures bike, working with the multi-speed twist-shifter gears to give you a multi-sport, multi-purpose ride.

In terms of comfort, we like the raised bar handle-bars which makes the rider’s seating upright and comfortable, but we don’t really dig the athlete’s saddle. It isn’t going to stay comfy on the longer rides. The saddle may be one of the first things we change out on this bike.  

Overall, this is a good option for you if you are starting out, or not sure what to buy and have an insanely low budget.


What are the types of cycling?

Ans. Depending on where you like to ride there are quite a few styles of cycling:
1) BMX
2) Mountain biking
3) Road biking
4) Track cycling
5) Cyclocross/Cross-country cycling
There are many other styles of cycling out there and the perfectly engineered bike to go with it, but these are the main styles.

What are the best bikes for long distance?

Ans. You can have a great long-distance riding experience on three types of bikes:
The hybrid bike, the hardtail mountain bike and even the cyclocross.

Are adventure bikes worth it?

Ans. The saying used to be that as a serious cyclist you need to have a total of (n)+1 bikes – meaning any other type of bike + a mountain bike. But the formula has apparently changed with the adventure bike combining the best of the mountain bike with the best of the road bike, giving you an all-in-one two-wheeler that takes care of all your needs.
We’d definitely vouch for the awesomeness of this bike, but we suggest that you weigh your options carefully before taking the plunge.

Are foldable bikes good for long distance?

Ans. The folding bike is a very good option for its practical space-saving feature, and its smaller compact size. While these are recommended for the shorter commutes, there is the advantage of being able to fold up and carry the foldable bike through terrain that is not suited to travelling. A good, standard bike should also perform well on the longer rides.