Thruster Excalibur, Ponoma & Kent Hawkeye Bike All About!

The Thruster Excalibur, Ponoma and Hawkeye Mountain Bikes from Kent bicycles has been catching a lot of attention lately.

What is the buzz all about? Read this review for all the details you need to decide which bike is best for you.

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Ponoma Bike Dual Suspension

Kent International Pomona Dual Suspension Comfort Bike


  • Full Suspension Frame – 6061 front, high tensile steel rear
  • Steel Crown Suspension Fork
  • 26″ Double Wall Alloy Rims with 36 spokes
  • Shimano Rear Derailleur
  • Micro Shift 7 Speed Twist Shifter
  • Bike type: Hybrid
  • Brake style: Linear Pull

The Ponoma bike by Kent is a hybrid bike, designed for a combination of on-road and off-road riding.

It features a full suspension frame made of 6061 aluminium in the front and high-tensile steel in the rear, which provides shock absorption both at the front and back, making it more comfortable to ride over bumpy terrain.

Additionally, the bike has a steel crown suspension fork, which helps to further absorb shocks and provide a smoother ride.

The rims on this bike are 26″ double-wall alloy with 36 spokes, which makes the wheels more durable and better able to handle the stresses of off-road riding.

This Kent bike is equipped with a Shimano rear derailleur, providing reliable and smooth gear shifting capabilities.

It also features a micro shift 7-speed twist shifter, which allows the rider to easily and quickly change gears with the flick of a wrist.

Finally, the bike has linear pull brakes, which are a type of braking system that uses cables to apply pressure to the rims of the wheels.

This type of brake is reliable and easy to maintain. Overall, the Ponoma bike is a great choice for anyone looking for a versatile, durable bike that can handle a variety of terrains and conditions.

Kent Hawkeye Mountain Bike

Kent Hawkeye Mountain Bike, 29"


  • 6061 18.5 inch aluminum frame and aluminum crown front suspension
  • 29 inch double wall alloy rims with 29 x 2.30 tires and
  • Shimano 7 speed freewheel, front and rear derailleurs and rapid fire 21 speed shifters
  • Front & rear mechanical disc brakes
  • 31.8 alloy handlebar and stem, alloy 170mm crank

The Kent Hawkeye Mountain Bike has an 18.5 inch aluminum frame and an aluminum crown front suspension.

The 29 inch double wall alloy rims come with 29 x 2.30 inch tires, which are designed to handle a variety of terrains.

The bike also features a Shimano 7 speed freewheel, front and rear derailleurs, and rapid-fire 21 speed shifters, providing a wide range of gear options for different riding conditions.

The bike comes equipped with front and rear mechanical disc brakes, which provide reliable stopping power and are easier to maintain than other types of brakes.

The bike also features a 31.8 alloy handlebar and stem, as well as an alloy 170mm crank, making it lightweight and easy to handle.

Overall, the Kent Hawkeye Mountain Bike 29 inches is a great option for anyone looking for a reliable and versatile mountain bike.

With its aluminum frame, front suspension, and range of gears, it’s designed to handle a variety of terrains and riding conditions.

Additionally, the mechanical disc brakes and lightweight construction make it easy to handle and maintain.

The bike comes in a black and white color scheme and has 21 speeds, making it a stylish and functional choice for anyone looking to hit the trails.

Thruster Excalibur Mountain Bike

Kent Thruster KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike, 26-Inch


  • 26 inch frame
  • Hand-crafted aluminium frame with alloy crown
  • Front suspension fork 
  • Front disc brake, rear linear pull brake
  • 21 speed
  • Shimano TX35D Rear Derailleur
  • 26 inch wheels

The Thruster Excalibur from Kent Bicycles is a mixture of opposites. It sets up a lot of expectations on the one hand because the makers have made this bike look snazzy.

Stylish features and a striking colour palette make a good first impression if you like things just by looking at them.

But what does the Thruster really offer?

Well, this mountain bike is a BIG deal – literally! With a 29 inch frame and massive 29 inch wheels, this monster weighs over 40 pounds in weight.

This is a hard-tail bike is made with a handcrafted aluminium frame and an alloy crown. The front suspension offers 50mm of travel.

If you’re looking to buy something that will last you a few years, this bike may fit your deal if you are okay with spending a few extra dollars to get a comfier seat and better brakes.

The front disc and linear pull brakes that are fitted on the bike may not last through too many adventure trails. It’s not too difficult to change them out for a better product, and it will be well worth your while.

The Shimano TX 35 D rear derailleur and the Shimano ST-EF40 Shifters are a top-class feature.

Deep V alloy rims on the massive 29 inch wheels work well for aerodynamics, but they’re offset by the massive size and weight of the frame and wheels.

These will affect the speed and level of control you have on your bike. 

The Thruster Excalibur from Kent bicycles will serve you well as a beginner mountain bike. There are promising features like the Shimano products that perform pretty well on this bike.

Swapping out the saddle for a more comfortable, ergonomic seat and upgrading a few of the other features will definitely make this bike a keeper.

On the whole, this is an average bike, perfect for light riding and beginner off-road adventures.