The Thruster Excalibur Mountain Bike from Kent bicycles has been catching a lot of attention lately. What is the buzz all about? Read this review for all the details you need to decide whether the Thruster Excalibur mountain bike is for you.


  • 29inch frame
  • Hand-crafted aluminium frame with alloy crown
  • Front suspension fork (50mm travel)
  • Front disc brake, rear linear pull brake
  • 21 speed
  • Shimano TX35D Rear Derailleur
  • 29 inch wheels
  • Weight: 40+lb

Thruster Excalibur Mountain Bike Review


  • Shimano TX 35 D derailleur.
  • 29 inch wheels for more distance and speed.
  • 21 speed gear-system.


  • Heavy aluminium frame.
  • Poor quality brake-pads.
  • Uncomfortable saddle.

Detailed Review

The Thruster Excalibur from Kent Bicycles is a mixture of opposites. It sets up a lot of expectations on the one hand because the makers have made this bike look snazzy. Stylish features and a striking colour palette make a good first impression if you like things just by looking at them. The lower price tips the balance towards the other end where people may not expect too much for the money they are spending.

But what does the Thruster really offer?

Well, this mountain bike is a BIG deal – literally! With a 29 inch frame and massive 29 inch wheels, this monster weighs over 40 pounds in weight.

This is a hard-tail bike is made with a handcrafted aluminium frame and an alloy crown. The front suspension offers 50mm of travel. This may not tide you over extremely adventurous trails, but it works well on the beginner off-road circuits. It will give you a very small taste of what to expect on a real mountain bike.

If you’re looking to buy something that will last you a few years, this bike may fit your deal if you are okay with spending a few extra dollars to get a comfier seat and better brakes. The front disc and linear pull brakes that are fitted on the bike may not last through too many adventure trails. It’s not too difficult to change them out for a better product, and it will be well worth your while.

The Shimano TX 35 D rear derailleur and the Shimano ST-EF40 Shifters are a top-class feature. Deep V alloy rims on the massive 29 inch wheels work well for aerodynamics, but they’re offset by the massive size and weight of the frame and wheels. These will affect the speed and level of control you have on your bike. 

Most reviews on the Thruster Excalibur had issues stemming from one thing: poor packaging. While the bike performs on an average scale, careless packaging has led to cases of damage during shipping, and the hassle of returns and replacements upset many customers. Thankfully, the process has usually been quick and professional – well handled!

This bike will work great for a mountain biking beginner. It strikes high above the cheaper bikes you may find at a department store. It also works well as a commuter bike and for light riding, but if you are looking for a professional mountain bike, this may not be your best option.


There are three different variations on the Thruster Excalibur.

The heaviest model described here is the Thruster Excalibur 2900 with Shogun wheel rims and a Vitesse seat. The larger aluminium frame and matching 29 inch wheels make this the heaviest of the three models at 42.25 pounds.

A slightly smaller model, the Assault Series Thruster Excalibur 29 is fitted with wheels and saddle both from Vitesse. It comes with an 18.5 inch frame in a striking green color palette, weighing just over 39 pounds. Most of the other specs remain the same between the two models.

The last is the Kent Thruster Excalibur Women’s Mountain Bike. This bike is also fitted with Vitesse features and mirrors the large-size features of its counterparts, weighing in at just over 40 pounds in weight.


The Thruster Excalibur from Kent bicycles will serve you well as a beginner mountain bike. There are promising features like the Shimano products that perform pretty well on this bike, but a little more thought given to design and packaging would have taken this adventure bike to a higher level. Swapping out the saddle for a more comfortable, ergonomic seat and upgrading a few of the other features will definitely make this bike a keeper. On the whole, this is an average bike, perfect for light riding and beginner off-road adventures.


Does the bike come fully assembled?

The bike comes mostly assembled, but you will have to fit in the front tire, pedals and seats.

Is it easy to assemble the bike?

Assembly is a pretty simple affair.

I am a bigger person. Will this bike hold my weight?

This bike can handle about 300 pounds in weight.

What price does this bike come at?

You can find the bike online at $250-$350, depending on where you purchase it from and any discounts available.

Is the seat comfortable?

The seat is not a feature that we will recommend. However, replacing the seat is easy and a comfortable, well-padded, ergonomically designed seat is easily found online.
Here are a few great options:

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