Buying a top rated best mountain bikes under $400 can be a difficult task to do. And, let’s be real- No one has 3000 bucks to spend on a mountain bike just for leisure and fun. But, you also do not want to compromise on the features and looks. If that’s your case, then, in this article you can find a chunk of the most incredible mountain companion in less than 400 bucks… Cool? Right?! These amazing bikes are not only affordable but possess marvelous features and equipment like dope tires, cool gears and, a solid-unbreakable frame. So, Let’s get started!

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List of Best Mountain Bikes Under $400

The list below shows some of the best low budgeted mountain bikes that will have most of the features of a professional championship cycle but will be easy on your pocket. It of course won’t be exactly as good as a $2000 mountain bike but will definitely be good for your first few mountain rides.

 Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike

Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike for Adult Youth Men Women Boys Girls, 24 to 29-Inch Wheels, 7 or 21-Speeds, Front Suspension, Aluminum and Steel Frame OptionsWhat’s better – than to start with the most robust bike of all. This impressive-looking bike by Schwinn is a good addition to the market’s low-budget-good-quality bikes. This bike is designed to cater to the needs of adults and kids. It has multiple features that combine to provide a wholesome riding experience to its riders.


Frame: It is constructed with a steel frame which is not usually available in most bikes of this price range. Steel is undoubtedly more strong and sturdy than an aluminum frame. Despite being made up of steel this bike is not-too-heavy to handle as it was around 40lbs. which is pretty manageable.  

Gears:  The 21-speed gears allow the rider to have the best speed and experience while reading. This is also supported by a grip shifter which helps with seamless shifting.

Tires: This bike comes with 4 tire-size options of 24 to 29 inches so you get to choose the one that suits you best. The knobby tires make it suitable for a hard-core mountain experience due to its deep threads.

Braking system: The linear-pull braking system is not too satisfactory but they work well for small mountain ranges.  


  • Easy to assemble with height adjusting options.
  • Robust steel frame that provide durability to the bike.


  • May require maintenance and parts replacement in a while.
  • Plastic paddles are not that durable and can break if aggressively used.

Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Bikes

Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike, for Men and Women, 26 Inch Wheels, 4 Inch Wide Knobby Tires, 7-Speed, Adult Steel Frame, Front and Rear BrakesThis unique bike is designed for riders of all ages. It might look similar to most mountain trail bikes but has features that almost none other mountain bikes of this price range has.


Frame: It is structured with a lightweight alloy frame is with a headset. This headset allows height adjustment that allows riders of all heights to have a comfortable ride. Height adjustment also provide

 comfort for long mountain rides.

Tires: What makes this bike stand out is its tires. It has huge-sized fat knobby tires. These tires are not only bigger but have a deeply engraved thread that makes them the most appropriate bike for mountain traveling. These bikes can function well on bumpy, sloppy, or rocky roads.

Dual Braking System: Unlike most bikes, this bike has front and back disc brakes which enable the rider to get optimum braking power without applying high pressure.

7-Speed-system: These bikes only have 7 speeds changing system with a twist-shifter that can work in most situations.


  • Quick release option for front tire for ease in storage.
  • Affordable, light-weight and great stopping power.
  • Equipped with the best tires for mountain ranges.


  • A bit too heavy due to the tires.

Sirdar S-900 27 Speed 27.5-inch Mountain Bike

Sirdar S-900 29 inch 27 Speed Mountain Bike Double Disc Brake Full Suspension Fork, Aluminum Alloy and High Carbon Steel Bicycle with 2 Replaceable Saddle for Men Women Youth Adults
Sirdar S-900 is one of our favorite top rated best mountain bike under $400 from the list due to its outstanding price to performance ratio. This bike can be your best choice due to a lot of reasons, including the gear shifting system, construction, and assembly details.


Frame: This bike is constructed with an aluminum alloy frame that provides the strength and sturdiness of a trail bike. Most of the components, including the handlebar, gears, and chain are manufactured with carbon steel that makes it good for any type of trial and environment. Carbon steel is strong enough to withstand harsh weather changes during the ride.

27-speed-system: The three derailleur at the front and 9 derailleur provide 27 speeds with the finest shifting mechanism. This feature provides the optimum comfort and amazing experience to the rider.

Braking system: It is equipped with a dual-disc braking system to provide instant stoppage in the middle of the mountain if required. The braking system is indeed reliable and safe.

Saddle and suspension system: To provide the rider with the best experience, this bike comes with 2 replaceable saddles. A stiff sturdy one to ensure performance and a soft comfortable one. The suspension fork also ensures a comfortable ride by its powerful shock absorbency.  


  • It has a 27 speed gearing system which is not available in most bikes.
  • 2 different saddle options.
  • Easy and hustle free assembling process.


  • Disc brakes doesn’t function well. Requires maintenance.
  • Some of the parts are low-end and may require changing.

Hiland 27.5 Inch Mountain Bike

Hiland Aluminum Mountain Bike 21 Speeds, Hydraulic Disc-Brakes,Lock-Out Suspension Fork,27.5 inch Wheel,3 Sizes for Men Mens Mountain Bike Adult Womens BicycleHiland is popular for creating the best mountain trail bikes in town. These Hiland 27.5-inch bikes are quite highly rated for their exclusive features like hydraulic brakes, which none of its competitors has! Apart from this, its affordability, looks, and matchlessness make it stand out from the crowd.


Frame: This bike is manufactured with an ultra-light aluminum structure with internal wiring and cords to provide maximum strength. Light-weighted bikes are much easier to handle and drive as compared to steel frame bikes.

Hydraulic disc brakes: This structure is equipped with a dual hydraulic disc brake system. These systems are way more efficient than conventional mechanical systems because they require less energy to apply similar power as that of other disc brakes.

Lockout suspension fork: This amazing feature allows one to lock the suspension fork to make it inoperable. This saves a lot of energy and power while riding on a smooth road where a suspension fork is not required. This is why this mountain bike can also be used on roads and streets.

Speed shifters and wheel:  Fortified with 27 speed changing systems with 27.5-inch tires which allows one to have the optimum riding experience on high and low-lands


  • Suitable for all kinds of commute.
  • Hydraulic brakes with lock-out suspension fork system.
  • Best value for money.


  • May seem heavy as compared to other bikes.

Conclusion and Recommendations :

In our opinion, it is not necessary to spend a hand full of money on buying a trail bike. All you need is a sophisticated bike that helps you enjoy the mountains in the best possible way. Buying a top rated mountain bike under $400 may not seem like a good plan, but it surely works! Still not sure which one to invest in? well, we don’t blame you. All these bikes are designed to provide the best mountain riding experience on a low budget. According to us:

The best overall bike:

Sirdar S-900It is pretty much evident that this bike if compared to others provides the best features at an affordable price. The carbon-steel components, saddle options, and gearing system make it too good to be true!!

Best Features product: 

Gravity SFX 1.0The best features product undoubtedly has to be the gravity 1.0 version. Its weather-resistant alloy rims, hydro-formed structure, and gearing system make it stand out. 

Best Value Product: 

Schwinn High TimberHigh timber has to be the best value product because of its robust steel frame, tires, gearing system, and affordability.