Is the fear of riding at 70 keeping you back from a whole world of fun and excitement? Is cycling really worth the hassle of wading through the countless options until you find something that really suits you? The market is flooded with the ‘latest and greatest’ for the young, but where are the options for the older riders? Can there really be a ‘Best Bike for 70 year old woman’?

Until recently the biking industry either completely ignored the ‘senior crowd’, or fit all of them into a slow-mo bike category. While our bodies age and go through their natural motions, can we really hold on to these younger, potentially dangerous outings on two-wheelers?

What’s exciting is that age has started to climb backward with time – people seem to look and perform almost the same at 30 as they do at 70 and beyond! It’s not uncommon to find old geezers outperforming young’uns on the trails, and living to tell the tale!

If you’re one of those wondering whether cycling is for you at 70, we’ve put together a medic’s recommendations at the end of our exciting countdown of ‘Best Bike for 70-year-old woman’ to convince you! Enjoy!!

“Biking? At my age?! You must be joking!”   “I’d love to! But my body isn’t what it used to be!”   “I haven’t stepped on anything with two wheels in years!”   “I’m clocking my second century this year! I’m hoping I can inspire others my age to give it a go!”   Where do you find yourself on this spectrum?   We’ve put together a list of great bikes keeping the ‘beginner at 70’, the ‘70 and slowing’, the ‘end the hiatus’, or even the ‘super-trooper at 70’ bikers in mind.

 The Four Best Bikes For Older Women Riders

1. Schwinn Wayfarer Adult Hybrid Bike Retro-Styled Cruiser

best bike for 70 year old woman 1

There are several reasons why the Wayfarer hybrid cruiser from Schwinn has made it to this list. The simple, classic design makes this versatile enough to appeal to most people, while also leaving space for upgrades. While whistles and bells may look nice, they might also add to the weight of the product and affect how easily you can control your bike.

The Wayfarer is a perfect hybrid bike giving you the best of comfort and versatility. It keeps things pretty basic and scores high on affordability.

Here’s what the bike offers an older woman:

  • Step-through frame: one of the first features a senior rider might look for. These are great for easy on-and-off mounting, enabling those with decreased mobility a chance to ride.
  • Perfect upright riding position: when the saddle-to-handlebar-ratio has you sit upright, the shoulders, and lower back relax.
  • Rear suspension: providing limited, but effective cushioning over bumpy trails
  • Schwinn’s 7-speed twist shifter gears: effortless riding over different kinds of terrain
  • Large, cushioned saddle: for comfort over the longer rides.    
  • Great looks: A definite plus-point 
  • Inexpensive: This may or may not be a top-priority, but it never hurts to save a little on any purchase!

Schwinn has added some nice touches with stylish fenders, a rear rack for storage and Schwinn’s lifetime warranty on parts.

A good choice for 70-year-old women who:

  • Are reasonably healthy and fit
  • Want a bike that is simple, versatile and affordable
  • Plan to stay on safe bike trails, parks and urban streets
  • Fit the sizing specifics


  • It is always best to get professional help for bike assembly. They will have the tools and expertise to put things together and fine-tune the bike perfectly.

2. Diamondback Bicycles Women’s Serene Classic Frame Comfort Bike

best bike for 70 year old woman 2

Diamondback’s Serene is a striking entry on this list and dives deeper into the comfort pool. Here’s why this plushie is great for an older woman rider:

  • Step-through frame: not having to struggle with mount and dismount
  • Upright riding position: check this box if you don’t like leaning over on your rides
  • Suspension fork with suspension seat-post: for maximum damping of bumps and jerks 
  • Cushy seat and ergonomic grips: keep you riding longer, while actually having fun
  • Adjustable stem: lets you customize your ride for max comfort
  • 21 speeds: has you flying over different kinds of terrain effortlessly
  • Wide tires and powerful brakes: combine to give you confidence through security

This is all you could ask for in the perfect comfort bike. Around the city or through a bike path, this bike will be best-suited for everyday riding.

Assembling the bike seems pretty simple, but it is advisable to follow instructions and video tutorials closely.

A perfect choice for senior women riders who:

  • Require a little extra cushioning on the joints
  • May be overweight
  • Want a bike that is cushy, stable and affordable
  • Plan to stay on safe bike trails, parks and urban streets
  • Fit the sizing specifics


  • It is always best to get professional help for bike assembly and get the bike to a perfect fit.
Side Note:   Our Caution note about getting professional help for bike assembly may sound repetitive, but we find that most of the problems experienced by customers could have been solved with a few extra bucks spent on professional handling.

Let’s move on to a whole other segment of wheels, specifically designed for those looking for some extra support.

The Adult Tricycle, also called the trike, gives you the added bonus of an extra wheel for added stability.

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3. sixthreezero BodyEase Adult Tricycle

best bike for 70 year old woman 3

The sixthreezero BodyEase Adult Tricycle is one of the best entries on the market. Here’s a gist of what it offers mature riders:

  • Low-step design for casual mount and dismount
  • Relaxed riding position that reduces strain on the upper body
  • 7-speed bike with reliable gears for a fun, fast, comfortable ride
  • Vibrazorb front suspension and frame geometry reduce the impact of bumps and knocks on uneven terrain
  • Stitched leather hand-grips for great looks and firm grip
  • High-density base support foam saddle is fitted onto a seat-post with suspension for added cushioning
  • 1.9-inch Slick tires amplify cushioning effect
  • Large rear folding basket provides space for luggage, grocery space, or even pet-transport

The sixthreezero BodyEase Adult Tricycle is the ultimate in comfort or recreational riding giving you the advantage of low-impact exercise and lots of fun! You could also explore options to customize features like the seat, handlebars, or even the basket, if needed.

sixthreezero has great Customer Support Service so don’t hesitate to get in touch for any support or assistance.

A perfect choice for senior women riders who:

  • Require extra stability and relaxed riding posture
  • May be overweight – this trike has a weight capacity of 300 lbs. You could fit it out with a better saddle and wheels for extra support!
  • Plan to ride for light exercise, recreation or daily fun
  • Fit the sizing specifics


  • It is always best to get professional help for bike assembly. Don’t forget to ask for fine-tuning and correcting/replacing whatever damage may have occurred during shipping.

Similar Option:

1) Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle
  • Low-stand over aluminum frame with wide, swept-back adjustable handlebars
  • Adjustable seat-post with wide saddle
  • Rigid suspension and linear pull-brakes
  • Schwinn limited life-time warranty included  
best bike for 70 year old woman 4

The e-bike has revolutionized the biking game all over the world. It has opened up a world of opportunity on many levels. Almost every brand has come up with a line of motorized bikes and the market is exploding!

Every category and type of bike has been motorized and opened up opportunities for further hybridization.

Let’s look at what the e-bike market has on offer for the ageing woman cyclist.

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4. ANCHEER Electric Bike

best bike for 70 year old woman 5

Ancheer is one of the leading e-bike manufacturers. This entry is an electric mountain bike with a 12.5ah battery and 21 speed gears. Let’s look at what it has on display for older women:

  • Strong carbon steel body with aluminum alloy handlebars
  • Lightweight
  • Dual disc brakes for efficient braking
  • Effective suspension fork for effective buffer
  • Removable battery with Easy Charge Port System
  • 250W high speed brushless gear motors give you speeds of 15-20 mph
  • 3 working modes: E-bike mode(full-assist), pedal-assist (partial assistance) and normal bike modes give you a lot of room to operate
  • 1 year warranty for battery, motor and charger

The Ancheer electric bike levels the playing field so that you can easily ride along with your family, friends, or younger riding parties without the hassle of waning energy, sore muscles and other difficulties.

A perfect choice for older women cyclists who:

  • Experiment with or continue adventure riding
  • May have to ride long distances and different types of territory
  • Plan to ride for adventure, recreation or exercise
  • Fit the sizing specifics


  • It is always best to get professional help for bike assembly. This is especially crucial in an e-bike!

Similar Options:

1) Aceshin Electric Mountain Bike
  • Packed with premium comfort shock absorption
  • 36V/8AH Li battery
  • Ergonomic design and features
  • Anti-slip, wear-resistant tires
  • 3 working modes for versatility
best bike for 70 year old woman 6
2) Aceshin Folding Electric Mountain Bike
  • Light, strong, durable
  • Foldable frame and pedals for great storage options
  • High-capacity removable battery
  • Ergonomic handlebars, comfy adjustable seat
  • 26inch anti-slip, wear-resistant tires suited for gravel, dirt, or flat roads
  • 3 working modes up the versatility
best bike for 70 year old woman 7


We hope you’ve found this countdown insightful. We have included as many versatile options as possible – there’s something for everyone here. Each of these bikes are the best in their own categories. If we were to pick a favorite, it would have to be the e-bikes from Ancheer and Aceshin. These offer 70-year-old cyclistas a lot of room to grow, experiment and continue biking all their lives.


There’s a lot of medical language we can use to list down all the health benefits of making cycling a lifestyle choice, but a lot can be gleaned from this quote by 90-year-old female cyclist Lan Yin Tsai:

“The body stops moving because you decide to stop moving. Everybody’s system works better when they ride.”

Here are 5 great benefits you will appreciate over the years:

  1. Over and above the general health benefits of cycling for those above 60 years, like reducing risks of heart-disease, cancer and diabetes, cycling is a great way to get in some low-impact cardiovascular activity and fresh air.
  2. Getting on a bike and riding around town counters some of the effects of hormonal changes and associated mood-swings, weight-gain and muscle-loss.
  3. Cycling with a friend or within a community keeps you social, mobile and youthfully active.
  4. Riding a bike makes you more mindful of your body as muscles stay active, brain function improves and you are forced to notice changes in, and signs from your body.
  5. Degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Arthritis are kept at bay when you hop on your bike regularly.
Did you know?   81-year-old Patricia Baker returned to cycling after a 20-year break, and continues to break records and win titles!


The benefits that come with making cycling a lifestyle are numerous. Here are a few great tips to keep in mind to stay on the pedal through the years:


Finding a cycling-buddy or community can be beneficial, whether you’re 20, or 80. Good company always feels nice and becomes security when something untoward happens. This becomes even more crucial as you age. There are institutes that teach adults how to ride, train the body, eat and live to stay on the road. These will be great places to hook up with fellow enthusiasts and meet like-minded people as well.


Carefully assess your physical needs, the terrain you want to ride on and your budget to get the right bike. Always test-ride before making a purchase.


It is crucial that you listen to your body and understand where you stand. If you’re a beginner, cut yourself a lot of slack and make ample room for progress.


This is another important step to ensure continuity. Well-marked paths and trails are always safer than busy roads and hard trails, unless you’re already a pro.


Basic skills in cleaning and road-side repairs give you a level of independence and confidence that can be liberating.


In order to maintain a biking habit, keeping physically fit is necessary. Eating right, lifting a few weights and keeping your doc in the loop help you maintain a strong record for longer years of riding.


We hope you’ve been inspired enough to explore your options. The four versatile bike models we’ve listed here are a great place to start your research and investigation. Investing in a good bike will be an investment in your health that you can enjoy for many years to come. Do ensure that you work sustainably and adopt the right steps to keep yourself safe and healthy for years to come.  

What did you think of these bike-models? Drop us a comment and let us know!


Ques 1 – Is cycling good for people over 70s?

Answer – There is evidence to prove that cycling, combined with the right nutrition and other forms of exercise, has a lot of benefits for the body when done safely. The woman over 70 years can see improvements in overall health, and body-efficiency.

Ques 2 – Is 70 too old to start cycling?

Answer – Resounding NO! Classes that teach adult riders how to ride equip you with information on the kind of clothes you can wear, people you can ride with, precautions to take, etc.

Ques 3 – What is the most comfortable bike for seniors?

Answer -The Diamondback Serene Women’s Comfort Cruiser

Ques 4 -What bike is best for seniors?

Answer -While this will be a very subjective answer, Ancheer and Aceshin’s electric bikes and others like them are the best bike options for most senior riders.