If you’re a 50-year-old man looking for the perfect two-wheeled wonder, we’ve got a line-up of the best bicycle for 50-year-old man right here, just for you!

Sneak peek: Our fav ride is the Raleigh Talus 4!

Side Note Here’s what we’re going to do in this article. We’re going to stay far away from the assumption that 50 is a scary number for age and that every 50-year-old man is just a hobble away from his 80s. Many of today’s 50-year-old men are steeds in their own right, at the peak of their fitness and still revving for excitement.   So, what we have put together is a show-down of bikes that come from every category under the sun. This way you are sure to find something for you here whether you are 50 and stepping on the bike for the first time, a former bad-boy rider returning to your rad days, recovering from surgery and looking for safe fitness, someone looking to get on the fitness trail after decades of ‘‘takin’ it easy’, or even someone looking for an every-day cruiser!  

Simplicity Speaks: Versatile Bikes – Fixies

1. Golden Cycles Single Speed Fixed Gear Bike

Our first recommendation on the list is for someone who may not have been on a saddle and two wheels for a very long time. Is this the best bicycle for a 50-year-old man? Well, it’s certainly high up there on our list! Here’s why:

  • GREAT value for this price
  • Reliable components that hold up over time
  • Very attractive
  • Simple design
  • Is customizable

We’ve started our list with a Golden Bike – a quiet, understated bike which sings when you ride it.

This is a cool little entry that scores prime points for its high tensile steel frame, a flip-flop hub that allows you to go from fixed gear to freewheel and back again, front and rear caliper brakes and a suspension fork and treaded tires for a smooth ride.

The single-speed fixed gear is a great place to start because of its simplicity. The simpler design and fewer parts mean a lighter bike – another prime plus-point. While this one isn’t exactly a featherweight, it stands at an average 25 pounds on the scale. Assembly is pretty basic, but we highly recommend that you ask for professional help if you have little skill in the task. Instructions are not available so you will have to depend on online tutorials to get the job done.

Another plus about this bike is that it is adaptable because it’s so simple in design. A few upgrades here and there and you have the perfect two-wheeler for any man crossing the ‘50’ milestone! Switching out the racer-style seats would be our first recommendation, especially if you plan to use the bike for longer rides. We’d recommend the Selle Royal or the Souke Sports Bike Seat Cover for maximum comfort at an average price. Add a new set of pedals and you have a keeper in this Golden Bikes fixie. 

This is a great bike to start (or re-start) your biking adventure, keeping things safe, simple and up-gradable.

Get the Golden Cycles fixie if you:

  • Are a beginner
  • Are returning after a very long hiatus
  • Are looking for something that combines affordability with looks and practicality
  • Don’t have any physical difficulties affecting joints or muscles, or any other major medical difficulties.

2. Raleigh Bikes Talus

Fact: Did you know that a large majority of people taking up adventure biking are in the 50+ age-range?

Our next entry is for the 50-year-old who is open to exploration. We’ll give it to you straight – the Talus is an entry-level mountain bike perfect for anyone looking to start an adventure.

Why it’s perfect:

  • Front suspension with 100 mm travel
  • Powerful disc-brakes
  • 2.25-inch-wide knobby tires for smooth riding
  • 24 versatile gears
  • Dynamic mountain bike that is great as a commuter or city bike

 ! No kickstand

No, don’t give us that horrified expression, Yes, we’re talking about a man in his 50s taking up adventure biking for the first time! The Raleigh Talus 4 will be one of the best bikes to break you into the sport – and you won’t regret it.

P.S. Read on to the end for some great tips for riders in the 50+ category.

Quality parts on the Talus 4, including its RocktomXC30 fork, Sun tour/Shimano 3X8 Speed drivetrain and Tetra M25 hydraulic disc brakes, spell longevity, versatility and safety in one frame. This bike is also easily customizable with built-in eyelets for a rear rack and fenders – mountain biker by day and city slicker by night!

Raleigh has balanced stability with easy handling, with its Progressive Wheel sizing feature through the custom-made aluminum frame. While the product doesn’t come with a kickstand, this is something easily rectified. Check out the highly versatile Karetto Bike Kickstand or the BV Bike kickstand for some great options!

In most cases, customer reviews point to high levels of satisfaction with the Raleigh Talus 4. The seating is upright and comfortable; the frame is robust, if not lightweight, and the choice of disc brakes is genius in this beginner mountain bike – an ideal option for a biker whether you’re 30 or 70! 

The Raleigh Talus 4 is for you if you are:

  • Looking to start mountain biking
  • Want a versatile bike to keep your options open
  • Don’t have any physical difficulties affecting joints or muscles, or any other major medical difficulties.

3. Tommaso La Forma Lightweight Aluminum Hybrid Bike

This ‘everyday Jo’ Tommaso bike is an exciting entry on our show-down list. We love the La Forma for more than one reason, and you’re sure to love it, too, at the end of this listing.

What’s to love?

  • Focus on quality
  • Powerful performance and speed
  • Optimized for fit and comfort
  • Wide tires and gearing range mean versatile riding
  • Customizable frame

We’re still talking to the mid-lifers on the lookout for a genesis of sorts. If you’re still on the sidelines about fitness and adventure post 50, rides like the La Forma and the Talus have been designed for people like you. (Read the Fit at Fifty guide at the end for more help and resources!)

The La Forma is one of those bikes that just spell good breeding and understated brilliance. Their dialed fit feature with laser measurement SLA frames mean precision fitting at its best. For the rider (you), this feature alone brings together greater control, stability, and therefore confidence in your ride.

FACT: Did you know? – Tommaso Bikes is the only company that uses full Shimano gears for their bikes.

The Shimano combo used here offers a 27-speed range wide range of teeth for variable riding surfaces and Shimano Rapid Fire Shifters for quick, smooth and reliable gear shifts. Add to this the Kenda K139 road tires with a deep tread for overcoming bumps, obstacles and bloopers and you have a perfect off-road rider that can also function well as an urban commuter.

That being said, a bicycle with a 27-speed gear system should not be squandered as an urban rider, unless you wanted to downgrade it (Really?).

So, who is the La Forma for?

  • Someone who rides over a wide range of terrain, including hills, pavement, off-road sites, and city streets.
  • Someone looking for the best of fitness through speed, muscle-work and fun!
  • Someone who doesn’t have any physical difficulties affecting joints or muscles, or any other major medical difficulties.
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Everyday Leisure Biking

The bikes listed above are smart choices for those who are not sure about where they want to take their biking adventure – lots of choice and room to customize and grow. Let’s turn to those who know exactly what they want – no fuss, zero buzz comfort bikes for laid back riding that won’t jar anything.

1. sixthreezero Men’s In The Barrel Single Speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle

When you’re thinking ‘laid back,’ and ‘comfort’, there is one name we can recommend to you and that is the sixthreezero!

This is a relatively new bike manufacturer, but as far as brand awareness goes, we’re pretty sure you would have come across this name at least once if you’ve done any amount of research on bikes for older men, or even comfort bikes in general. The sixthreezero brand has been turning heads since 2005 for its quirky, beach-vibe beach cruisers that offer comfort and looks at an affordable price.

So, what does the In the Barrel model offer to men?

  • 18-inch extended steel frame great for taller riders
  • Forward pedaling design for maximum comfort
  • Specialized balloon tires
  • Extra-wide comfort saddle with dual spring
  • Great looks: sleek and rugged at the same time

As most of the bikes in this category, the sixthreezero In the Barrel speed beach cruiser is designed for cruising comfort.

There is a LOT of excitement about the design and comfort of this bike. This is just the bike for you if you want something that combines lightness, speed and comfort. 

They’ve gone all out with the comfort level on this bike with their balloon-tire and extra-wide comfort saddle with dual springs. This bike even has dual suspension, so bumps and shocks are not going to register when you ride on these!

The meticulously designed 18-inch frame will feel tailor made for anyone in the ‘tall’ category, so that you have a comfortable riding position when it is combined with the forward-pedal design. The uniquely designed handle-bars curve naturally to flow with the rider and the smooth crank-mechanics will have you rolling smoothly over many types of paths.

The only downside we could find is that the paint job on such a unique design would be a little high maintenance.

Who is the sixthreezero In the Barrel for?

  • The beach homie who loves life and the comforts it provides
  • The 50-year-old man who doesn’t care for the crazy shenanigans of the rest of the world.
  • The daily biker
  • Someone returning to biking after a long time
  • People who need extra comfort because of sore joints and bad backs.

2. Schwinn Suburban Sport Comfort Hybrid Bike

  • Durable lightweight alloy-rims
  • Two-inch wide tires: perfect for comfort
  • Expansive, ergonomic saddle
  • Effective front-fork suspension reduces impact on elbows and shoulders
  • Molded hand grips for great control
  • Comfortable semi-vertical riding position
  • Color-coded fenders

The Schwinn could easily be the old guy in the room full of newbie wannabes – subdued, modest and brilliant when in use.

At first glance the Suburban Sport Hybrid may come across as a mountain bike, but then you see the hospitable saddle full of love and the big-daddy front fork and you know you’re going in for a hug.

The seven-speed Shimano shifters and expressly wide wheels can conquer almost any terrain fluidly. Front and rear linear pull-brakes provide excellent stoppability.

With all these features, the Schwinn Suburban Sport Hybrid should have been the best bike on the market, but assembly instructions on the product are non-existent and nowhere near simple.  We highly recommend professional help in putting the bike together and immediate correspondence with the manufacturers if you find anything missing or damaged.


Let’s cinch this count-down off with an ‘everybody bike’. The e-bike can simply be defined as the most inclusive bike on the biking market. While every other bike comes with a range, anyone can use an e-bike.

Almost every manufacturer is trying to take advantage of the boom in the e-bike market, going from pure to hybrid and every range in between.

So why should you consider the e-bike?

That’s a good question, and an important one in our quest to find the best bicycle for 50-year-old men. Age is a number to consider here – a number that points to the number of years of good health remaining, and the potential to continue riding, in spite of what life throws at you!

When you have the good health that comes with pedaling together with a motor and battery that can kick in when you really need it, the e-bike becomes pure gold in our count-down of the best bikes for men at or over 50 years in age.

So, let’s look at the best e-bikes for men at the 50-year milestone:

1. ANCHEER Electric City Bike

Ancheer is one of the leaders in e-bike manufacturing with many of its products making it to the ‘top lists’. What can you expect from this e-bike?

  • Light aluminum alloy low step-through frame
  • High strength front suspension fork
  • Large capacity lithium-ion battery
  • 250W motor
  • Switch between three modes or a combination for the optimum riding experience

It’s easy to see why so many people are turning to the e-bike, or starting their biking journeys out on the e-bike. For a slightly higher price you are getting the advantages of a good comfort bike with the added luxury of assisted pedaling, or even a fully motorized ride.

You get all of these advantages in the Ancheer and also the lightness of the frame in a comfortable low-step design, a highly effective front suspension and wide, swept-back handlebars for the upright posture. We love the extra feature of the adjustable stem-length and angle!

This e-bike brings the best components together for durability and precision control. The combination of front and rear mechanical disc brakes and 6-speed gear shifters make this suitable for a variety of terrain and weather conditions.

The removable battery is aesthetically integrated into the design and can easily be removed with a secure lock-system. This bike also has a load-capacity of 330 pounds, making it suitable for bigger, heavier riders.

Who is it for:

  • Someone looking for the ultimate in comfort riding
  • People with medical issues who cannot afford stress on joints and muscles
  • Someone starting out
  • Someone looking to build on strength, stamina and overall fitness slowly, yet progressively.
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2. Addmotor MOTAN Electric Bike

What to expect in this e-bike?

  • Great looks
  • 4 working modes: Pure Power/throttle, Pedal Assisted, Walking & Normal Bicycle
  • Ultra-fat 4-inch tires for ultra-comfort in conquering almost any terrain
  • Brushless 48V 750W motor – ultimate power
  • Excellent customer service!

The Addmotor Motan is the next step in comfort riding. For a higher price margin than the Ancheer you get quite the bang for your buck in the Motan!

The strong, yet lightweight alloy frame sports a very cool streamlined look, and paired with the attractive palette you are sure to make heads turn on this e-bike!

The bike is fitted with quality components ensuring safety, durability and longevity, along with control. The powerful, removable battery gets fully charged in 4-5 hours and works with the 750W motor to give you speeds of up to 23 mph.

We love the 4 mode-design giving you quite the variety of experiences on this e-bike, and even the opportunity to up your game at your own pace. The cool little LCD display also features a USB port on which you can connect your electronics to keep them charging during your ride!

The 100mm adjustable front fork and ergonomic design ensure maximum comfort on this e-bike!

Get this bike if you:

  • Want to have the option of motorized luxury on your bike
  • Are someone who loves the idea of riding but fear the impact on your body as you age
  • Are recovering from a medical procedure and need to build strength and work further   


Our favorite bike for men in their mid-life years depends on the category we are looking at. We love both the Raleigh Talus 4 and the Tommaso La Forma for the fierce adventurer, the Schwinn Suburban as the best comfort hybrid bike and the Addmotor Moton as the best electric bike in our show-down.

Is there a favorite among these? 

Here it is: the Raleigh Talus 4! The most versatile bike with the best performance reviews!


It’s heartening to see how people are turning their mid-life years into new beginnings. Our generation has placed a value on life beyond the fifties in a way that could not have been possible before.


  1. The fifties are a great a time as any to start your fitness journey. It simply is NEVER too late to make a start.
  2. If you’ve been an avid cyclist all your life, don’t fear the 50s as a turn you will have to slow down. Men are continuing to ride well into their 70s and 80s, embracing all that their bodies can or cannot do!
  3. Keeping in touch with your physician and joining a training program suited to your fitness goals and needs will maximize your output several fold. There is much value in community and expert wisdom!
  4. While you cannot expect to keep performing at the same level throughout your life, you can train your body to grow, learn and perform at the highest peak available at the time.
  5. Diet and training go hand-in-hand. Also, as many experts advise, start on a strength-training routine if you don’t have one already.
  6. There is a treasure trove of resources available online (as well as offline) for the 50-year-old man who wishes to venture into or continue with cycling.


1.    Is cycling good for people over 50s?

Ans. Pretty sure we’ve answered this question through our post here. But YES, cycling is one of the best workouts for long-term fitness, even at 50!

2. What is the best bike for an older person?

Ans. We’ve covered some of the best bikes under various categories for men above 50 years old. You’re sure to find the right fit in one or more of them!

What is a good bike for a 300-pound man? / What is the best bicycle for a heavy man?

Ans. Bicycles with wide seats and fat tires will be best for men (or women) at or over the 300-pound mark. Check out the Outroad Fat Tire Mountain Bike and the Mongoose Malus Adult Fat Tire Mountain Bike for some great options.


Congratulations on your journey past the 5-O’s!

In choosing the Talus 4 for the number of options it gives you, we wanted to encourage you to look at life after 50 as full of opportunities to continue learning, instead of as the beginning of the end!