Electric bikes are a more inclusive form of cycling that will allow numerous people to consume its technology. With a better understanding through an electric bike buying guide, one can make a sound purchase of it for themselves. As cycling is a good sport, but for some people who have exercise asthma, or who cannot cycle properly and are handicapped or due to some injury they can’t cycle, an electric bike’s option remains there. Electric bikes offer assistance to basic cycling, which makes it inclusive, and that’s why more people are inclined towards it. Keeping the environment safe yet being cost-efficient and providing you with a refreshing commute are the things we should consider first.

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However, all of it primarily depends on how you want your electric bike to be. There are loads of options that fill up the market. That’s why here we are helping you with this electric bike buying guide to choose what fits you best and how can you be sure of it before it puts a hole in your pocket and it’s too late. When it comes to myriad options in electric bikes, you know there are some advanced and basic models and many more things that need a buyer’s attention. So ensure checking everything written as follows to make your purchase worthwhile with this electric bike buying guide.

You wish to decide what electric bike is fit for you, and you should instantly purchase it as easy as riding up a steep hill on a suitable bike. But it’s not, and you need to dive in a little deeper and use your research skills to make the most out of your purchase. Here are a few things to work on for the right decision, and start riding an electric bike soon.

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Types Of Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are not meant to only work with electricity, and it’s useless if you forget to charge them fully before your mountain ride. Electric bikes are something that will have your back covered either way. This means there are different electric bikes for different purposes, and each will fill up your needs. The main three types of electric bikes that exist and which are a part of this electric bike buying guide are:


These electric bikes are the ones that offer you comfort the most so you can enjoy a good ride around. These are usually flat bar bikes designed for running around urban areas for personal commute purposes or on busy city streets. This electric bike buying guide is researched, and it says how these commuter electric bikes consist of relaxed, upright geometry and how they’re ideal for cycling to and from work. However, as these types of bikes are only used on straight roads and do not require a lot of power, their batteries tend to hold a lot of juice, enabling you to dart around the city, finishing errands all day on a single 5-8 hour charge. Still, if you live far from work and think you might require something more powerful, don’t worry, as these electric bikes have batteries that can be easily removed, providing you with the option to separate them and take them with you for a recharge.

E-commuters usually contain a rear rack and are fitted with mudguards, as well as a front headlight linked up to the bike’s battery. Some of these are essentials so that when you ride, you don’t have to worry too much. E-commuters serve as the best if you want a daily commute option that is reasonable yet durable.


E-MTBs are an incredibly fun option for casual riders, and pro riders also use them. But they use these electric bikes for training so they can focus their endeavour on flying down the plunges. They are a little heavier than the usual MTB’s and will work as efficiently as them. But the extra weight doesn’t seem like much of a problem because of a powerful motor that has got your back covered. These are the ones that one will require for a mountain ride with all the ups and downs, but the electric bike remains persistent and serves as a reasonable commute.

The pedal assist mode is wonderful when it comes to mountaineering and climbing up on heights as you won’t have to put in the extra effort, and the bike will manage.  E-MTBs are significant machines, and if you want to go on with some tough trails, then E-MTB’s are the perfect fit according to this electric bike buying guide and will never disappoint.


E-road bikes are incredible machines that will be efficient while climbing new heights, and most of all, these are lightweight, compact and comprise a powerful motor that will smoothly run you up to some gruelling climbs. They feature the same contentious road geometry as your average road bike, making them a perfect fit for both matters, streaking them the best of descenders and speedy compatible machines on the flat road. What makes these significant is the powerful features of this electric bike which regard the needs of some older or fewer less riders willing to join in with their 

clubs and group rides, giving them the ultimate power they need to ride with the fastest.

In this electric bike buying guide, we will discuss electric bikes based on their modes that are equally significant when choosing one for yourself.

  1. Pedal Assist: Usually, an electric bike can switch up modes, while others have a single-mode remaining on the basic design. This pedal-assist electric bicycle Is the one you must pedal just like a manual bicycle to use the motor. This one is just like a conventional bicycle except for the fact that there’s a motor that grasps that you’re pedalling and puts some effort. So resultantly, this one will kick in to aid the pedalling effort. This electric bike may or may not have a throttle, and it depends on the model.
  • E-Bike: This electric bike is the type Throttle only and has a motor to be controlled by it. On these types of electric bikes, you don’t have to pedal to benefit from the motor. When you want the required power, just crank the throttle, and there you go. You have the option to accelerate in the middle of a corner, thus increasing friction. This means you can pedal uc you want to save up on your battery. Or else it will go away quite early.
  •  E-Bike: This type of electric bike is the fastest E-bike with a maximum speed of 28mph. But it’s still a “bicycle” and does not require a driver’s license, license plate, etc. These types may or may not have the throttle, and they might be the ones that prove them best because of their excellent commute system.


An electric bike is usually judged on the basis of its power outage because that is what makes a conventional bicycle an electric bike. What matters the most is how much charge it requires to carry on a full-fledged long journey, and does it have a replacing option or does it have to be charged once and for all. The battery’s quality & size will eventually specify how long the bike can function on single charge and to what limit the motor can be pushed on particular areas of a difficult route.

A majority of batteries of these electric bikes have their power rated in Watt-hours. This eventually determines how long the bike will last on single-charge when on the full-assist or the electric mode.

To get a good idea of this capability the battery’s capacity can be divided in Watt-hours by 20 to determine roughly how far the bike will go. For instance, you can be sure to move approximately 20 good miles with a battery which is 400 watt-hours utilizing the full-assist mode on whatever track. However, make sure that you look into things deeply when it comes to batteries, as the developers may write a generous capacity generally. Because they give a reasonable estimate of the battery power, but you have to keenly understand its capacity. Also, other factors like height, weight, hills, weather and mode depend primarily on how long your battery will last.

Another aspect to consider is that time, usage and cold weather can affect the capacity of the battery. To avoid that look for warranty by a reputed company.

These days, a majority of electric bikes have bars on which there is LCD display indicating the charge level of your battery and assist you in your battery management. The LCD screens have some significant functions and will also display some other helpful metrics. These include assist levels as well as speed, & time. Distance covered is also indicated on the LCD.

Lastly, what’s soothing here is the recharging option or an exchangeable battery where you can put another one if you are on a long ride just for a backup. Plus, charging the battery is a simple procedure once you are done with your day’s ride. It only involves removing it from the frame and plugging it according to the given instructions. Just use the mains power socket.  The required time for charging will depend on the type of your battery. However, the usual batteries of the modern electric bikes need around four hours to recharge to its full extent.

Motors – crank vs hub drive ?

The battery only constitutes half of the electric-assist ability. The remaining power comes from the motor.This electric bike buying guide will guide you on the types and ways a motor works. As far as the two motor-types of Electric bikes are concerned, they are either crank drives or hub drives.

Crank Drive Motors:

Crank-drive motors are used in place of the usual crankset of the bike and in turn convey all the power to the chain. The function is to work in close connection with the gears of the electric bike. enabling it to maintain an ideal RPM while on climbs that are extremely steep. The RPM dramatically doubles the efficiency regarding transfer of power, which is excellent for aspiring climbers.

These motors in electric bikes are often more effective as compared to hub drive motors placed at the end and rear part of an electric bike. These crank motors are efficient and are placed in the bracket area at the bottom of an electric bike. Moreover, because of the crank motors, the center of gravity will be much improved, thus making it more easy and simple in handling.

The motor business starts when you start switching up modes and go for the pedal-assist or totally manual one. The motor will transfer the power according to the mode, and the electric bike performs accordingly.


With compact and foldable lightweight designs, it seems that the weight of electric bikes is reducing with each advancing year. The motor, batteries and the frame of an electric bike count up to its weight at the end. This means that, even though you can ride them with the switched off motor system , it is more difficult than it would be in a conventional bicycle without those extra parts. 

E-bikes can usually weigh anywhere in the circle of 10 to 25 kg. The weight, however, in an electric bike is not as big a deal as with the electric model. You can just go on in a very relaxed manner.

Foldable e-bikes comparatively have a lighter structure that is portable also—making it an ultimate choice for those who need to carry it around more than usual.

Quality & Reliability

Electric bikes are machines that will provide you with an optional mode of transport that is cost-effective basically. Most importantly, what matters here is the build quality and reliability of these bikes on whom we depend when going out. However, this electric-like buying guide is here to guide you with some pitfalls which are worth watching out for and avoiding. 

Many online shopping outlets are peppered with seemingly fantastic deals for

Electric bikes, with claims of the same perfect performance and a lot cheaper prices. This online shopping basically for e-bikes should be avoided if you have other options. Because warranties from the manufacturers seem to be limited, and you don’t have a total idea of what components might be attached or which ones are just due.

Unbranded e-bikes, especially when bought online and at cheaper rates comparatively, are also to be dealt with caution, as are unbranded extra motors and exchangeable batteries. Buy from the leading company websites and do all the research independently. Also, the build should be so strong and capable that it works well when being ridden in the rain. But when you buy cheap electronics, they can most probably be faulty, and at worst dangerous for obvious reasons.

You may also be enticed into buying a second-hand model. Although second-hand electric bikes are not such a bad option, they have their place. You risk buying an electric bike with no warranties. Also you don’t know what risks it is coming with. But with an authorized dealer and the one you can trust, you can still buy a good one with a good build. Aluminum bodies are nowadays in fashion and look cool also.


Good electric bikes ain’t cheap, even if compared with any good unassisted bikes. You can choose and pick up a fundamental and average model, but for how long will you be dragging it? However, when we look at some average and moderately rated bikes with a functional and timely brakes, quality frame, suspension, & other reliable components are expensive. Keep in mind that when buying an electric bike, you have to spend extensively more money on the motor. So don’t react at a price all the time.

Electric bikes tend to be more expensive, primarily due to the inclusion ability and the components’ cost. These components mainly include motor systems, electronics and batteries.

The cost will largely depend on the factors boiled down as in below:

  • Specification of motor and quality of components
  • Battery capacity and recharging ability also the exchangeable battery
  • Frame material and durability of the structure
  • Mechanical components of the electric bike
  • Manufacturer reputation or brand

However, although electric bikes might seem a lot expensive when we see them through a frame like an ordinary bike, with the options, features and value are given, the e-bike seems to be truthfully charged for what it has to offer. Moreover, when we look at these electric bikes, think of them as a mode of transport and realize the cost of fuel, maintainability and everything else combined. This will make you understand that even though these are a bit overpriced when we consider them as leisure bikes, but when we look at these as a proper mode of daily transport, our expenses will be cut down.


Electric bikes are taking over the market because if you are from the environment-friendly brigade this would be the right cost-effective and time-saving choice. So whether you wish for a fuss-free commuting option to work by avoiding being stuck in the massive traffic jams or you want to save up on your fuel-money, or your feet are itching for a comfy, happy ride uphill, then your Electric bike will answer all your needs. However, in order to regret having taken a hasty decision, do take into consideration your needs and budget. Ponder over the info brought to you by this electric bike buying guide and then finalize your choice. We wish you a happy and safe experience!  Go ahead and prepare for the best ride of your life!Electric bikes are taking over the market because if you are from the environment-friendly brigade this would be the right cost-effective and time-saving choice.

With this electric bike buying guide, you have a clear cut picture of what to look for in an electric bike before buying it. So ensure following all tips and tricks when making this big investment.