Let’s find out together the best non-cycling shoes for cycling. In case you might be asking yourself that why non-cycling shoes for cycling? Remember in childhood most of us used to wear non-cycling shoes while riding on the bicycle. And we used to be quite comfortable in those regular shoes. So why can’t people wear regular shoes now?

In this informative article, we will learn about the most suitable non-cycling shoes, their features, and their pros & cons. Without further delay, Let’s begin!

Top 6 Best Non Cycling Shoes for Cycling

Reebok Men’s CROSSFIT Nano 7.0 Flexweave Cross Trainer



  • These shoes are 100% synthetic
  • Very comfortable
  • They are imported
  • Made of rubber sole
  • They protect during rope climbing
  • Best for intense workouts due to durability
  • Rebook shoes
  • Shaft measures

These shoes are one of the best non-cycling shoes for cycling. They are more comfortable and unique as compared to other sneakers. But this is not the only reason that makes these shoes best for riding a bike. It is because these shoes have everything that we want to see in the non-cycling shoes.

Their quality is excellent. Moreover, they are not only comfortable but also affordable. What else one would want?

Let’s find out the features together. They are durable and flexible. Likewise, their broad toe boxes and synthetic sole gives you durability and comfort.

Uniquely, it provides breathable mesh. While doing exercise or cycling you become tired and sweaty, but this mesh will prove a source of comfort and relaxation for you as it is breathable.

Furthermore, it has a low-cut style. And you have so many color options as well. All these features make it a perfect product.


  • It is flexible and very suitable for gym training and cycling
  • The forefoot flex makes sure the flexibility
  • It has a variety of sizes and colors
  • It is durable
  • As compared to other products it is quite inexpensive
  • It has an air ventilation process


  • They don’t look attractive and good looking
  • Shoelaces are quite small to tie-up
  • Its sides can be torn if overused

Etnies Marana Skate Shoe

Etnies Mens Marana Skate Skate Sneakers Shoes Casual - BlackIt is another example of the best non-cycling shoe for cycling.


  • This shoe is 100% made of leather and textile
  • It has a synthetic sole
  • Its sole is made of rubber
  • NCA
  • These are skateboard shoes
  • It has a leather upper

Originally Etnies Marana considered the skateboard shoe like its name also suggests. But later it was discovered that this fancy shoe can anywhere be used.

However, there are a huge variety of these shoes. Uniquely, they have at least 50 colors and designs. Isn’t it amazing? But mostly the variety is available only for men. So, women will have to select only out of two colors. Still no need to be disappointed ladies because there is an option of size altering, so you can easily select from men’s shoes too.

Then the best part is that they come in a sneaker style that you can wear with anything. Also, it consists of real leather uppers. Additionally, the leather uppers have collars and padded tongues that make them more comfortable.

Best of all, they have hidden loops and the purpose of these loops is easy hiding. So there will be no fear of laces stuck in your cycle cog. Indeed, these shoes are the best non-cycling shoes for cycling.


  • The outer sole is very flexible and durable
  • Its Michelin soles make sure the durability and proper traction
  • The midsoles and insole are properly cushioned for the maximum amount of comfort.
  • The toe caps are made of rubber that ensures protection
  • Hidden lace loops will be very helpful


  • Users complained that the shoes are in small size and they find the fitting stiff
  • After using shoe’s backside might wear off

Under Armour Charged Assert 9

Under Armour mens Charged Assert 9 Running Shoe


  • These shoes are imported
  • They have a synthetic sole
  • Textile
  • Shaft measures
  • Suitable for those runners who want cushioning and flexibility
  • They are lightweight and breathable
  • Leather is durable

The design of the shoes is very attractive. These are designed for males, but as they are sold in various colors, therefore females can also wear them. Then, they are ventilated so you will be super happy and relax while going on a cycling adventure during the summer. There will be no more need to worry about the hot days.

Firstly, these shoes are very flexible so you can easily walk. Secondly, they are appropriate for platforms because of the roughened sole. Thirdly, pedaling becomes easy as these shoes are very lightweight. On the whole, they are the best non-cycling shoes for cycling because of all these features.

Let us discuss few disadvantages. They might not be suitable for wearing on the rough roads or in the forest. Furthermore, there is a risk of damage as they are not suitable for such conditions. So, it will be better to use these shoes with insoles as their arch support is weak.


  • They are available in 20+ colors
  • Appropriate for both male and female
  • They are lightweight and also durable
  • These shoes are very breathable
  • They are comfortable


  • Arch support is weak
  • They are not very suitable for trekking and hiking

ASICS Gel-Venture 8

ASICS Men's Gel-Venture 8 Running Shoes


  • These shoes are synthetic & mesh
  • They are imported
  • These shoes are made of rubber sole
  • They have a cushioning system and gel technology
  • They are breathable

If you want to buy a cheap pair of shoes that is suitable for bike riding and also terrains then these shoes will be the best option for you.

Moreover, they are specially designed to run on trails as their gel soles will absorb shocks. And that’s the reason that these shoes are one of the best non-cycling shoes for cycling. Furthermore, these shoes are very flexible, breathable, and also durable.

Then, they are quite suitable for the cycle’s flat pedals. They are available in a variety of colors. So you can select from 15 colors or more.

Their disadvantage is that they have bad arch support. Therefore, it will be better to wear these shoes with insoles.


  • These shoes are available in more than 15 colors
  • They are durable
  • Their gel sole is shock absorbing
  • They are breathable


  • Their arch support is very poor

adidas 5.10 Trailcross Clip-in Mens Shoes

adidas 5.10 Trailcross Clip-in Mens Shoes


  • These shoes are made in the USA
  • They have a rubber sole
  • These are leather shoes and their soles pedal gripping
  • EVA midsole

The best thing about these shoes is that their upper material is made of the best quality leather. So, they are very strong and durable as compared to other leather shoes.

You can wear them for a long duration easily because they are not bulky at all and keeps you comfortable for a long time. Therefore, these shoes are considered one of the best non-cycling shoes for cycling.

Some of their upper parts are made of suede. And, because of this material, they look more attractive and stylish. Then, they have a broad opening so you will not have to face any difficulty while wearing them.

Moreover, their EVA midsole is flexible and light. Hence, these regular shoes will surely provide you support and durability.


  • These non-cycling shoes are of high quality
  • Their sizing is perfect and fits easily
  • They are made of good-quality leather
  • They are lightweight and durable
  • Their padding will be enough for walking and cycling


  • Maybe their padding will not be sufficient for other intense sports

Tommaso Milano Cycling Shoe

Tommaso Men's Cycling Shoes Indoor Cycling/Commuter Urban Walkable Cycling Shoes, Compatible with SPD Cleat, Laces, Strap, Black, Grey


  • These are high-quality shoes
  • Very relaxed and comfortable
  • 100% guarantee of fitting
  • They are easy to use and will increase the performance and power of the riders
  • These shoes have a rubber sole

Uniquely, Tommaso Milano is such regular shoes that can work like bike shoes with cleats. And not only this, but they are affordable as well.

Also, you can easily attach cleats to these shoes. Such offers make these shoes the best non-cycling shoes for cycling.

The laces will make you comfortable. Thus, these shoes can increase your performance and power when cycling.

Plus, this brand sells its shoes directly to its buyers and tries to keep the cost low as much as possible.


  • These shoes are very affordable and the quality is also good
  • This shoe is non-cycling but still because of its rubber sole this one has a good grip
  • This is a good shoe for introducing the use of cleats
  • The insole fits snugly and is very comfortable
  • It gives a two-year warranty


  • These shoes are not suitable for wider feet
  • You will have to purchase cleats separately


Now, as you have the basic information about suitable shoes for cycling. It is time to learn that how can you select the shoes with personal preference.

  • The texture and quality of any shoes are very important. Therefore, you should also consider the flexibility, nylon design, mesh uppers of high quality, and sole type.
  • Shoes for cycling must have some specific features like their fitting should be accurate and they should keep the feet cool. Also, they should have in detailed closure system which will make them durable and safe and you will be able to use all your energy.
  • Who does not need comfort? We are human beings and we seek comfort in whatever we do. So, the best non-cycling shoes for cycling must have this trait.
  • Shoes must be breathable that can keep your feet sweat-free. Thus, you should go for soft textures like mesh panels and leather as such shoes will not hurt your feet.
  • Now let’s talk about the price. It is obvious that if you give preference to regular shoes over traditional bike shoes most probably you are not interested in spending much money on your shoes. And mostly cheap shoes are not durable and comfortable. Therefore, there should be equality between quality and price.
  • Another important point is durability. Cycling is not an easy job therefore your shoes must be strong.
  • Your shoes must have a warranty otherwise you will have to spend more money on repairing or buying a new one.

Now, let us discuss few precautions that you should take while riding with regular shoes.

  1. Your laces can be stuck in the chains or the cog so tie them carefully.
  2. It might be possible that your non-cycling shoes get sweaty so it will be better for you to keep an extra shoe as a backup.
  3. On hilly tracks, cycles’ paddles get slippery and wet so you should go for shoes that are strong and get dry quickly.


Are regular shoes better?

Ans. The answer is that whether you would like to take two pairs of shoes for your cycling session or spin class. If you cannot carry two shoes then these regular shoes will be a perfect product for you. Because one can wear these shoes for both walking or running and cycling. Therefore, you should wear the best non-cycling shoes for cycling.

Will running shoes be good for cycling?

There are no rules that say that running shoes are not suitable for cycling. However, for your best performance, you should try non-cycling shoes.

Can cleats be used with regular shoes especially for cycling?

Some shoes have this option and others don’t have. So it depends on your choice of shoes.

Can regular shoes be waterproof?

No. Regular shoes make sure your comfort and are perfect for exercise etc.

What can we buy instead of bike shoes?

You can go for regular shoes like skateboard shoes, sneakers, and mountain shoes.

Can we wear a regular shoe on the clipless pedals?

The answer is yes, you can wear regular shoes on the clipless pedals but only for a short period.

How to select the perfect size of shoe for cycling?

Your heels should not slip and the toes should have sufficient space for movement.


If you wish to buy non-cycling shoes especially for cycling then the above-mentioned products will be a great help for you. These products are the best available choices for you.

 These shoes will not only help you in cycling but also in walking and running. Isn’t it amazing? We hope that this information will be helpful for you. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab what is best for you. Happy cycling!