Mountain bikes are great recreational vehicles that are a good choice for people who like to go mountain biking. A mountain bike is simply a hybrid bike designed for mountain biking. Mountain bikes share many similar features with other cross-country bikes but include features specifically designed to improve performance and durability in rough terrain. Mountain bikes typically have suspension systems, gears, brakes and tires. Mountain bikes are not the same as mountain bikes that are designed for off road use; these are simply cross country bikes that were designed with more traction and ruggedness in mind.

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The two main categories of mountain bikes are hardtail and full suspension. A hard tail bike has less suspension and is much lighter. Hard tails are typically classified as utility and sports vehicles. They are typically found in sport bikes such as racing bikes and enduro bikes. Most hard tail mountain bikes have been trail tested and have performed well on the trails.

Another sub-type of mountain bikes are called hard tail (also sometimes referred to as upright) and are most popular with riders that prefer a softer ride. These bikes have much more rear suspension than upright bikes and have a similar (and sometimes longer) head tube. Some hard tail bikes have a short top tube and do not have a rear suspension system. Hard tail bikes are more specialized than upright bikes and are typically suited for those looking for a lightweight, easily maneuverable ride that is comfortable on rough terrain.

Other sub-types of mountain bikes include dirt jump bikes and all-purpose dirt jumping bikes. Dirt jump bikes are comparable to modern day cross country bikes in terms of performance, design, materials used and style. However, dirt jump bikes are designed with an extra-dense nose, frames and rear derailleurs. Some dirt jump models feature alloy frames and even a few models feature full suspension. This allows dirt jump bikes to be more responsive when climbing steep hills and it makes it much easier to transition from upright to dirt jump mode.

Although all mountain bikes are primarily built for cross country and dirt jumping purposes, the performance and technology on some hardtails have led them to be categorized as hardtail (also sometimes referred to as full suspension) as well. Many hardtail models are typically lighter in weight and for this reason have become very popular amongst the recreational rider class. They typically feature a lighter frame, shorter chainstays, and do not feature a rear suspension system.

The price range for mountain bikes can be quite varied, depending on the make, model and options available. As with most things in life, the higher the price point goes, the more options you will typically have and the more expensive the bike. However, keep in mind that manufacturers are continually working to improve their product and are adding new features on a regular basis to ensure that the end product is of the highest quality possible.

Most road bikes are typically categorized in two main categories; commuting styles and specialized purpose. Commuter mountain bikes are used by people who need a bike for commuting to work on a regular basis, typically on a fairly normal path. These bikes are usually low to the ground and feature dropouts which allow the rider to lower the bike and climb. Some of these bikes feature special designs to help prevent the rider from coasting or falling off, and they typically weigh under seven hundred pounds.

Specialized road bikes are designed with the rider in mind. These bikes are for riders who are going on long road trips, riding on off road trails, or just getting out on the road for an extended period of time. Many of these bikes feature a specialized fork design, handlebars, and various types of gears to help make riding the bike easier. Most of these bikes are around seven hundred pounds and five feet long. Some of the more popular options in this category include the Kona, Shimano, and Cannondale road bikes.