Olly Wilkins is a name that is synonymous with pushing the limits in the mountain biking world.

This British rider has made a name for himself with his fearless approach to riding and his innovative tricks.

From racing to freeriding, Wilkins has done it all and has inspired countless riders around the world with his unique style.

Early Life and Career

Born in Bristol, UK, in 1990, Wilkins was introduced to mountain biking at an early age by his father. He began racing downhill at the age of 15 and quickly made a name for himself on the British race scene. In 2010, he turned pro and began competing in international races.

Throughout his racing career, Wilkins was known for his aggressive style and his ability to push the limits of what was possible on a bike. He had numerous top-10 finishes in World Cup races and was a regular on the British National Downhill Series podium.

Transition to Freeriding

In recent years, Wilkins has shifted his focus from racing to freeriding. He has become known for his innovative tricks and his ability to ride terrain that most riders would consider unrideable. He has competed in events such as Red Bull Rampage and has gained a large following on social media for his creative riding.

Wilkins is also a well-respected coach and has helped many riders improve their skills. He has worked with numerous companies in the bike industry and has appeared in several films, including the popular “Sik Mik” series.

Injuries and Recovery

Like many riders in the mountain biking world, Wilkins has had his share of injuries. In 2015, he suffered a serious spinal injury while filming a segment for a movie. The injury left him paralyzed from the waist down.

Despite the severity of the injury, Wilkins refused to let it hold him back. He worked tirelessly on his recovery and was eventually able to regain some movement in his legs. He has since returned to riding and has continued to push the limits of what is possible on a bike.


Olly Wilkins is a true inspiration to mountain bikers around the world. His fearless approach to riding and his innovative tricks have earned him a place among the sport’s greats. Despite facing numerous setbacks, including a serious injury, Wilkins has never lost his passion for riding and continues to push the limits of what is possible on a bike.